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"Bricks of Remembrance"
When men and women stand to protect our freedom and give their lives for our democracy, will we stand ready to remember their courage and strength? Will we place in time a marker of their life for us, and show the world that such heroes will not be forgotten. Your tax deductible charitable contribution can provide for generations a ‘Brick of Remembrance’ appropriately placed at the very center of this great State. These dedicated bricks will encircle the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument at the Indianapolis Circle Center, providing a visible demonstration of your commitment to the fine men and women who have been the guardians of our freedom. You can contribute to the placement of as many bricks as you wish for only $100.00 a brick which includes the individuals name, rank, branch of service and dates to remember. Bricks will be prepared and installed on a quarterly basis.

The Indiana War Memorials Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to support and promote the Indiana War Memorials. You will receive a receipt for your quid pro quo charitable contribution.

Please contact us through email at or leave a voice message at: (317) 650-9058 if you have any questions or concerns.
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Each brick will be placed in an appropriate manner that is befitting the honor we hold towards our heroes and will be displayed with dignity and respect. You will receive notice when this has been accomplished.

Any additional bricks purchased will be engraved and sent to you for $35 each.
1 Brick of Rememberance $100.00
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Total $100.00
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